New Galleries

I finally have the pleasure of introducing two new galleries to the page. One from the mountains of cold winter Norway and one from an ancient cleanery in sunny Crete, Greece.

And at the same time i am glad to introduce the new and refreshed look of the webpage, blog and web-image. I hope to keep up the posting on my blog more recent now than earlier, and I can promise there will be lots of nice images to come as the spring is near 🙂

Girl by ancient cleanery in Crete

  Girl by ancient cleanery in Crete


New Lightbox Available

Beautiful new Lightbox: Girl in a white dress partially hiding behind an old chapel wall. Looking melancholic, sad, in love or/and just relaxed and thinking


New Lightboxes available

I am very exited as I have just recently published my new stock photography pages at OzImages and I would like to share some of my brand new Themed Lightboxes with you. They can be found to the right of this post on my page and by clicking the link you will be taken directly there.

My first categorie is “Girl at beach with sunhat”, and in this Lightbox you can find many beautiful picture of a young woman on a beach with or wearing a sunhat. Also in some of the images shes wearing sunglasses, and soon I will publish a gallery for a sunglasses shoot. Since the pictures are taken at two different times they are separated by different color themes. Some are more golden and some more lush with vivid colours. One section of the photographs are based only on the model in water and has a more “Mermaid” kind of theme. Absolutely worth checking out.

The second categorie is “Girl in winter with fur”. It kind of speaks for it self so here you can find a beautiful young girl in winter, snow and wind with a cold look.

The third categorie is “Young girl in the forest”, and here you can find a sweet little  “nymph-like” girl wandering the forest. A young woman playing with leafs, and exploring the woods. She´s wearing a nice light dress and has beautiful red hair and green eyes. The pictures have a calm sense to them and are some of my favourite once.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!